My Story

Leah Lasley hails from Minnesota. Even as a little girl, she was already determined to succeed. “My mom raised me to chase after my dreams, whatever they may be. She has always encouraged and supported me in whatever I do,” Leah recalls.

That dream turned out to be in beauty and fashion. “While other girls were playing dress-up or pretend-modeling, I was sketching designs for clothes and I was already thinking how to market them!” I knew I wanted to mark my career in the beauty and fashion industry, but I wanted to be more than a designer. I wanted to be involved in the business aspect as well.

Leah was also raised to be independent. She has never asked for any of her parents’ help in building her brand. Leah worked hard and long, slowly but steadily turning her dreams into reality.

Finally, it’s all coming true. My Luscious Love Lips’ is available right now, and I have a YouTube  show Lovin Leah which airs Every Sunday. It’s just crazy how everything is falling into place. It’s like this long build-up and all of a sudden we’re here. It’s a little bit overwhelming but it is so much fun!”

Leah’s up and coming brands are just as fierce as she is. “The brands will showcase avant garde styles and will feature trademark pieces sure to make you stand out from the crowd. They are made to complement women’s natural beauty and inspire them to walk with confidence.”

Beauty, brains, personality, and the will to succeed – Leah is definitely in control of her brand, her style, and her destiny. She is ready to take it all – and to take it all with a smile.