Collagen Supplements come in powder, capsule, or liquid form. The source of collagen can be bovine (cow), chicken and marine fish. There are so many types of collagen supplements on the market, finding the right one that works for your skin can be confusing. If you are shopping for the best collagen for skin, check out this blog for seven tips for buying the best collagen.

If you want an option that works in just 3 weeks, try Renewalliance Taut® Premium Collagen Drink Advanced Formula.

Each tiny 1.7oz glass bottle contains 13,000mg of marine collagen peptides (between 2x – 6x higher concentration than other brands). Even better, it’s made with a splash of real orange juice for a delicious, refreshing taste, and formulated with five additional premium proven skin-loving ingredients – hyaluronic acid, elastin, grape seed extract, vitamin C and ceramides – ingredients you’ll find in your favorite skin-care products.

To ensure the highest collagen quality, Taut® Collagen sources its marine collagen from red snapper wild caught in the Indian Ocean. Those with dietary restrictions need not fear: Taut® Collagen Drink is produced under environmentally friendly conditions, and contains absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, allergens, or gluten.

In order to kick start and super-charge your collagen production, drink one shot of Taut® Premium Collagen daily for 3 weeks ( try best seller Taut® Collagen Intense Transformation Program), preferably consuming at night on an empty stomach to allow for better absorption. Many customers reported seeing visible results in as little as 21days—just check out these before and after pictures.

Your doctor or pharmacist may also recommend Taut® Collagen Drink Advanced Formula, especially if you are looking for the highest potency collagen peptides with best skin-loving ingredients, made with 100% marine collagen with no non-fish animal protein. Taut® Premium Collagen Advanced Formula is also now available in 60 independent pharmacies and health wellness stores throughout Southern California.