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Last year, Instagram-ready beauty brand Glamlite Cosmetics graced our feeds and our faces with a Pizza Eye Shadow Palette and fans ate it right up. Now, Glamlite is continuing to give the people what they want with new pizza-themed fake lashes.

You might be wondering just how pizza translates into false lashes, but Glamlite has it down. As PopSugar reports, they packaged their lashes in triangular-shaped boxes that look like individual pizza slices. Plus, they named the five different lash styles after various types of pizza: Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian, Hawaiian, Brooklyn Style, and Margherita. If you’ve spent any time perusing false lashes, you know that styles tend to be named things like “Drama” or “Marilyn Monroe,” so the pizza-themed names are a fun change-up. There’s no word yet on what exactly makes each lash cut unique, but we have a feeling the Hawaiian doesn’t come with pineapple and ham.

According to the brand’s Instagram, the lashes are made from vegan, synthetic silk, they’re cruelty free, and reusable up to 15 times. Each set will cost $12.

Glamlite Pizza False Lashes Dyp

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