Several shows paid homage to the decadence and glam of the ‘70s disco scene. None so much as Michael Kors, who, on the last day of NYFW, fully embraced the Studio 54 era with a glitzy collection, a guest appearance by model Patti Hansen, and the one and only Barry Manilow belting out Copacabana for the finale.

A majority of the models wore just a touch of black eyeliner and mascara down the runway, but a few received the disco treatment with either winged shadow in black and gold or a cloud of iridescent violet encircling their lids (both shown above). To create the looks, makeup artist Dick Page dipped into new palettes from M.A.C. (launching in the fall), as well as the brand’s Extra Dimension Eye Shadows. As for the hair, Orlando Pita played with lots of volume, either fluffing up the hair of models with natural curls and afros, or adding Jerry Hall-style waves on a few of the models with straight hair, which he did by weaving strands around large hair pins, pressing down on the pins with a flatiron, letting it set, and then brushing all the hair out.

The disco era didn’t just provide beauty inspiration for Page and Pita but it also brought about a tinge of nostalgia. “I’ve always liked the idea of makeup as decoration,” Page said of what he liked best about the makeup looks worn in the ’70s. “That era, it’s part of my taste, it’s part of what I connect to,” said Pita. “It’s a shame that I can’t sit out front and watch the show.”