Adopting a healthy diet is not as easy as it seems. In my experience with trying to eat healthier I’ve found that the kitchen cleanup is heftier, the groceries are more expensive, and my fresh produce goes bad within a few days. Up until now, this healthy-eating-hassle was my excuse to drop all of my goals and order a large pizza to myself.

Then, along came the “bluicing” trend, the savior to many of my healthy eating demons. Bluicing is the act of extracting freshly made juice straight into a blender in order to make the most delicious and fresh slushies, smoothies and more. With this multi-functional wellness hack, you can skip the milk-based addition to your smoothies and use juice as the binder for all your ingredients.

“Many people want to mix fresh juices into their blended drinks for an added boost of nutrients,” says Karen Malkin, a health coach based in Chicago. “This can be a great nutrient boost but just know it won’t keep you feeling very satiated. Juicing removes all the pulp and fiber leaving the juice emptied of all its fibrous benefits, yet still loaded with important vitamins and minerals. Blending contains the whole food and includes important fiber for a lower glycemic load. Together they can really give you a nutrient packed smoothie!”

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