This playful accessory instantly makes every outfit better.

Georgie Hunter/Getty Images
Whenever I hear the word “hat,” I automatically think of cold weather. It’s something you grab before you head out the door, along with your scarf and gloves, or maybe it’s a felt beret you decide to style with your sweater. But hats — especially those with a wide brim — are indeed a summer staple. And for 2020, the trend seems to be the bigger and floppier the better.

To be honest, it’s hard to think of a summer outfit that wouldn’t be made better with the help of this accessory. Throwing on a simple gingham romper? A straw hat will make it even cuter and retro. Is that breezy sundress looking a little…meh? Add a floppy floral option as your statement piece. Even at the beach or pool, big hats are considered a must-have. On top of turning bathing suits into a full look, they’ll also shield you from the sun. It’s a win-win.