When you’ve been at the top of the YouTube beauty game for 11 years, your name starts to ring bells. But very few names reverberate through the industry like Jackie (Jackie, Jackie, Jackie) Aina.

Before the Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills collaborations—both designed to cater to Black skin; before winning NAACP’s YouTuber of the Year Award in 2018; before boldly holding brands accountable for their past faults and calling out the disparities still very present in the beauty industry in her videos, it was just a young Aina and her camera with some MAC Cosmetic pigments posting step-by-step guides on how to achieve a turquoise and green smokey eye.

But, as she tells me over the phone, “my interests and responsibilities are shifting.” Aina isn’t clocking out of YouTube, per se, she’s just added another hyphen to her name that has an even better ring to it: founder.

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Enter: Forvr Mood. Aina’s new lifestyle brand with her co-founder and fiancé Denis Asamoah. Forvr Mood’s goal is to provide comfort amid chaos. “The most important thing to do right now is to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” she says.

“You can’t be your best self if you’re not stopping to take breaks and taking the time to put yourself first. When you do, it feels good, and candles play a huge part in providing that sense of stillness.”

The collection, available today, includes four different “moods” to choose from: Cuffing Season, Matcha Business, Left on Read, and Caked Up, all priced at $35 a pop ($125 for the set).

Below, Aina chats with ELLE.com about her move away from beauty YouTube, her approach to content creation, and the ultimate playlist to listen to while you burn each candle.

With the launch of Forvr Mood, will YouTube be taking a backseat?
To be honest with you, this year would be my 11th year on YouTube. I love creating content, I absolutely do, and I foresee myself doing that for years to come. I will do this until I get sick of it.

I also feel like I want to shift some of where my main career focuses are. I genuinely feel like I’ve accomplished so much in the social media space that I want to think bigger. I want to think more long-term. I’m just shifting my responsibilities.

To me, that looks like fewer uploads, less frequency in uploads, and I know people have seen it because they’re always cussing me out on Twitter, like, “We need content.” That’s the sacrifice that you make when you start a brand. People have been asking me to start a brand for years.

Well, you guys aren’t going to get the same consistency and the same energy from both. I have to make some sacrifices, and in the phase of the career that I’m in now, I ultimately feel like it’s time. It’s time for me to put myself in the shoes of a brand owner.