It’s officially sandal season, and given the new trend of barely-there footwear, I’ve been extra conscious of the state of my feet. Calluses, ashiness, and month-old chipped polish have got to go. One secret I’ve been relying on when these warmer days took me by surprise? Press-on toenails. Yup, I’m talking adhesive fake, painted toenails that give you an instant pedicure. Sounds weird and slightly off-putting, but I am now a big believer.

I wish I could be the kind of person who gets weekly pedicures, but I can’t maintain it. They’re time-consuming. They’re costly (around where I live in Manhattan, they can be $30 on the low end and over $60 on the high end). And, they never last. I am pretty confident in my DIY skills, but self-painting my toenails never turns out as neat as when professionals do it. That’s why I tried Dashing Diva’s Magic Press Toes.