Chromat brought Miami to NYFW with neon swimsuits and equally as fluorescent eye makeup. “I like to think of the look as almost an extension of the suits, so you see straps of neons, lines, and bright colors on the face,” explained lead makeup artist Fatima Thomas. Models’ lids were decorated with either a warm or cool color scheme based on their outfits.

To ensure the cyan and pink eye shadows diffused around the models’ eyes were as vivid as possible, Thomas massaged the M.A.C. Prime + Prep 24-Hour Extend Eye Base in a half-moon shape from their brow bones to their cheekbones. Then she swept on the shadows with a small, fluffy brush in an elliptical shape, as she called it. Next, Thomas painted on either a green or orange line, depending on the color combo, just below the lower lash line and extending outward. She also tightlined with the M.A.C. Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved to add definition.

As for hair, some models wore theirs slicked back — as if they just got out of the ocean. Others received two or five tight braids, which were kept tidy with the Oribe Star Glow Styling Wax. Each look got its own accessory, too: flowers, leaves, or tops of recycled plastic water bottles shaped into flowers.