Fall clothes

I so can’t wait for fall. All the clothes are just so fun.

fall clothes

Healthy meals

Here are a few healthy meal bowls made with chicken so you can stay on the right track with eating. Also don’t forget to workout!

healthy meals

Wedding flowers

Yes weddings are happening alot this summer! And here are a few color coordinations that you may be able to use.. When it comes to flowers.

wedding flowers

Home comfort

Fall will soon be approaching and here is a look that I love that will add some warm comfort to your home.

home comfort


Ok ladies here are some workouts to lift that rear end. Follow it and see how it works after a month.


San Fran

Everyone should go to San Francisco if they get a chance.It’s amazing!!

San Fran

Fall outfits

I love this outfit for the fall/winter! The colors are also amazing.

fall outfit

Fall makeup trends

Ok people I hate to say it! But pretty soon summer will come to a close.So I’m going to gradually start showing you fall and winter makeup trends. Enjoy!

fall makeup trends