Golden Black

“For dark, almost-black brunettes, go with an almost gold undertone for the hair,” says Brown. Brown warns you to be careful to not go eggplant, which is more of a purple. It’s best to make sure your colorist doesn’t add red to the hair.

golden black

Blood Orange Red

Red always has a moment in the fall, and fall 2019 is no different. Brown recommends coppery colors to match the changing leaves, but bright and rich deep oranges are also a fun option.

blood orange

Megan Rapinoe

“This color is always popular, but I think it particularly resonates with people because she is and amazing athlete and strong powerful woman standing up for women and asking for equal for equal pay,” explains Brown. Brown suggests a cool blue or pink dye for fall.


Spiced Chestnut

Why mess with a good thing? Spiced reddish browns like chestnut and cinnamon are on-trend season after season—for good reason. “They add warmth and work great on most skin tones,” explains Brown. And they’re also versatile: Try a single process like Issa Rae or as an ombré accent on a darker base, Brown suggests.


Honey Honey

Apart from being one of Jessica Alba’s most classic films, honey is a smart option for blondes and brunettes alike. “We’ve been seeing a lot of honey styles, but I think it will continue this fall only a little darker and more dynamic,” says Brown.

The slightly warmer tone is a solid option for blondes like Saoirse Ronan who don’t want to go full brunette but feel like switching things up.


Nirvana Blonde

We’ve seen a very platinum, all-over blonde this summer and Brown doesn’t think that will let up anytime soon. Nirvana blondes might go a bit darker and softer but it will still smell like teen spirit come fall.


Chain Anklets

I know what you’re thinking: ELLE, you can’t be serious. Anklets? Well, the answer is yes! The jewelry you loved in the ’90s and ’00s is officially back in style and we’re kind of obsessed.

Sure, at some point, they became the “trashy” style of jewelry (similar to the rise and fall of tongue and belly button rings) but designers are making beautifully restrained styles that you’ll want to wear for the rest of your hot girl summer and beyond. Shop our favorites, ahead.


Rooted Gold

Rooted, golden blondes will be big. “I’ve been seeing more and more of my blondes opting for a rooted look, which has been pretty rare, most blondes love to be bright all around but even I went for a rooted look recently and I love it,” says Brown. “It’s lower maintenance, yet you can still be bright.” Plus, having those pretty golden butter tones are beautiful when transitioning from summer to fall and losing that tan.

rooted gold

Taco Bell Sunglasses

If you get as excited about scarfing down a Taco Bell taco as do when you buy a pair of sunglasses, I have some news for you: Taco Bell is releasing its own line of sunnies.

Hear me out: Taco Bell is teaming up with Diff Charitable Eyewear, a company that helps to “give the gift of sight” by offering eye exams, glasses, medicine or surgery to someone in need, for a five-piece collection of fresh, summer styles.

The collection includes quirky designs like Diff’s signature Sawyer glasses—with blue-light technology to protect eyes from the damaging effects of too much screen exposure—which have been updated with Taco Bell’s hot sauce packet print (or you can keep it simple with the black version). Or take your #HotGirlSummer up a notch with the Luka sunnies that actually have “Hot” written on each eye.


Billy Porter

Billy Porter’s Fierce Tonys Look Made a Statement About Reproductive Rights
“This government is trying to take away the woman’s right to choose and that’s unacceptable.”

It should come as no surprise by now that Billy Porter knows how to wow on the red carpet. After attending the Oscars in a tuxedo gown and getting carried into the Met Gala dressed as an Egyptian god, it should be expected that he’ll leave jaws dropping upon arrival; and yet, when appeared at the Tony Awards last night, he left us shook nonetheless.

The Pose star and Tony winner attended the NYC-based ceremony in an ornate red and pink custom look by Celestino Couture. The ensemble, which the designer described as a “gender-fluid evening suit” to The Hollywood Reporter

Featured a long vest and slim pants topped with a velvet and tulle structured skirt. The silhouette was inspired by Elizabethan couture, Porter told THR.


Jennifer Lopez

Who: Jennifer Lopez

When: June 03, 2019

Wearing: Ralph Lauren

Why: Abs. Abs. ABS. While Jennifer Lopez was awarded the Fashion Icon award this week at the CFDA Fashion Awards in Brooklyn, New York, we were awarded with a deep mistrust of our current core workout routine. She styled her abdominal muscles with an archived look from Ralph Lauren’s Fall 1999 collection, thus winning her—and again, her abs—’s best dressed celeb of the week.


Kate Bosworth

Who: Kate Bosworth

When: June 05, 2019

Wearing: Prabal Gurung

Why: It’s still TBD whether Disney will produce a live-action version of The Little Mermaid, but if they’re up for casting suggestions, we’re throwing Kate Bosworth into to the mix. Her sequined number at the CMT Music Awards needs to be part of our world.