The jean look

I just love the jean look it’s so in right now. And the beige heels make this outfit pop


Jean skirts coming back

Jean skirts and shirts are coming back into style.. I’ll definately be wearing some this summer


Natural and beautiful

Simply natural and beautiful.. Women and men be yourself no need to change for anyone else. If people can’t accept you for who you are then screw em


Summer is coming

Summer is coming there is time for lots of grilling happening..I love summer…Get your grill on


Chanel matte lip color

I am so in love with Chanel matte lip color.They really do stay on all day..And they also come in so many amazing colors


Makeup Application

Just absolutely love his makeup…Watch him on youtube Mac Daddyy’s makeup application


Quartz Nails

These “Quartz Nails” Let You Have Your Crystals On Hand at All Times…


Jaden Smith

So Jaden Smith cuts his dreads..Handsome or Not??


New Makeup Trend?

Out for this…Did you know that people are starting to mix their makeup on their cellphones?? Hmmm makes you wonder what other new trends are coming!!

makeup trend