Makeup Application

Just absolutely love his makeup…Watch him on youtube Mac Daddyy’s makeup application


Quartz Nails

These “Quartz Nails” Let You Have Your Crystals On Hand at All Times…


Jaden Smith

So Jaden Smith cuts his dreads..Handsome or Not??


New Makeup Trend?

Out for this…Did you know that people are starting to mix their makeup on their cellphones?? Hmmm makes you wonder what other new trends are coming!!

makeup trend

Classic bob

Such a cute haircut since summer is coming..Yes people the classic bob

bob cut


I love Zendaya’s Look, just lovely!


Skin Tone Chart

Here is a chart for the different skin tones to make you look amazing no matter what color your skin.


Why Masturbation Is Good for You (And How to Do It Better)


Reap the benefits of solo sex and throw the best party for one.

The sex life you have with yourself is just as crucial as the one you have with your partner. Yes, we’re talking about masturbation, self-love, getting hands on, DIY sex—whatever you call it, know this: (more…)

Having Fun With Your Hair Color


For summer change your hair color a little bit and have fun… Me myself I am a blonde but going back to black hair… To me black is so healthy and exotic looking… Pics of my blonde coming soon… But here are a few different gorg colors you can try that are if your going blonde.

Somatotypes and Body Type Guide


Your guide to deciphering your body type. If your eyes glazed over in health class when your teacher started talking “somatotypes,” we’re here to refresh your memory. (more…)