For this year’s Best of Beauty Awards, we’ve spritzed, splashed, and slathered on countless scented products to find the very best — whether they come in creams, liquids, sprays, or candles. After all, picking the perfect scent isn’t an easy task for anyone, since our sense of smell creates some of our most visceral connections to the past.

To recognize a scent is to conjure a memory, often with an accompanying emotion: Your partner’s perfume has the power to lift you out of a bad mood, but catching a whiff of a former flame’s scent may feel like a punch to the gut. Scent creates bridges between our sentimental and sensory experiences, whether it’s the distant smell of wood-fired stoves in winter or the trace of a familiar candle’s scent, lingering long after the flame has been blown out.

This year, we want to introduce you to the most delightfully memorable scents on the market. There’s the luxe Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano x Olivo perfume, the captivating Gucci Bloom Hair Mist, and the ultra-calming Lafco Sea & Dune Candle, just to name a few.

Keep scrolling for all the Best of Beauty winners in the Fragrance category, and be sure to check out the other victors of 2018’s Best of Beauty Awards, too. — Sam Escobar

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