It seems like the days of children building sandcastles at the park, kneading playdough to create animals and sculptures, and hosting Disney princess-themed sleepovers are long gone.

These days, kids have more important things to worry about, like what outfit they will post to their 100,000-plus Instagram followers, vetting sponsorships from companies, or whether they’ll record a makeup tutorial recounting playground drama that will eventually go viral.

Jayde Kamille earned playground bragging rights before she turned five years old. In May 2019, the five-year-old influencer posted a video that quickly went viral with nearly 700,000 views to date, then viral again as it made its rounds on Instagram in June 2020.

Filling in her eyebrows with products from Supa Cent’s Crayon Case line, Kamille went on a long-winded rant about an incident that occurred during recess, which resulted in her being sent to timeout.

“I was at school at recess, and everybody was just playing,” she began the video. The toddler revealed she grabbed a classmate’s hair because the classmate “growled at me.” She moves on to outlining her brows with concealer and blending it out as she recalls advice her mother gave her about fighting.

“My mother told me [to] mind my business. Don’t start no mess,” she adds. And like a true beauty guru wise beyond her years, Kamile closed out the video by giving viewers the final reveal: a fire red lipstick, soft red lids, and dramatic lashes. Peruse Kamille’s Instagram, and you’ll find a plethora of makeup and natural hair tutorials. Beauty Youtubers beware: a four-year-old is coming for your job.